Multi-Gyn IntiFresh 12 Intimate Wipes for Long-Lasting Fresh Feeling

Multi-Gyn IntiFresh 12 Intimate Wipes for Long-Lasting Fresh Feeling


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Balance your intimate pH levels to prevent infections, odor and get all-day freshness

Are you ever caught out by an intimate itch? It can hit at any time, when at the gym, on holiday or even when you are out shopping. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) or discomfort in your intimate areas can really ruin a day. Multi-Gyn IntiFresh helps to balance the natural flora and condition of your intimate areas instantly, giving you that fresh, comfortable feeling expected of the best-selling Multi-Gyn brand.

Feel fresh whenever, wherever

Treating BV, itchiness, redness, dryness and excessive discharge immediately is vital to reduce the infection going further and rebalancing the intimate pH levels will help to stop the infection getting worse, and odor overtaking you. When pH levels are disturbed in the vagina - through washing, antibiotics, love making etc. - you could be at risk of odor and infection. Balancing these delicate pH levels can also help women reduce the risk of cervical cancer and thrush. But if you are out and about you may not have the time to wash thoroughly, and more importantly, we know what hazards normal soaps can cause in our intimate areas.

If you go to the toilet and wipe your intimate areas excessively you will be prone to suffering from dryness because toilet paper contains harsh bleaching chemicals which dry out the delicate membranes. A simple wipe with a MultiGyn Intifresh wipe will help to clean the are, freshen it, but more importantly help to rebalance the delicate balance between health and unhealthy (odor, itching, and discomfort).

With Multi-Gyn IntiFresh handy intimate wipes you can confidently go about your day.

Take that long-lasting and great fresh feeling with you, wherever you are, with the Multi-Gyn IntiFresh Wipe. Twelve intimates wipes are included in this useful handbag size pack. The wipes are mild and gentle and help to eliminate odor and optimize the vagina's natural pH balance. Multi-Gyn IntiFresh wipes are 100% biodegradable, and are perfect for traveling, in your gym bag, camping or more! Once you have used an intimate wipe, it can be flushed down the toilet as it is 100% biodegradable.

Trust in Multi-Gyn to balance intimate pH levels and keep you an odor and infection free

Multi-Gyn products work with your body to achieve natural pH balance and contain prebiotics to help with the growth of healthy bacteria in the vagina. You can buy Multi-Gyn (previously Bio Fem) products discreetly from StressNoMore. The clinically proven formula blocks harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way to give instant relief from vaginal discomfort. The Multi-Gyn range contains the patented 2QR-complex, an active ingredient which works to block the production of harmful bacteria without inhibiting the growth of healthy bacteria which helps to protect the vagina against infection.

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