Avène Intense Protect 50+ 150ml

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Intense Protect 50+ is a very broad-spectrum suncare product. For the first time in Pierre Fabre's history, photo-protection is extended beyond UVB-UVA to a dangerous part of solar radiation: visible, high-energy blue light.

A suncare product suitable for the most intense sunlight conditions, as well as the most vulnerable skin*. Its hybrid texture allows it to absorb into the skin in 3 seconds**, provides intense hydration for 8 hours*** and anti-drying action. Its nude shade offers a transparent, invisible finish with no white streaks, even on dark skin tones. It is extra water-resistant and sweat-resistant. Intense Protect 50+ is suitable for babies from six months old, children, pregnant women, people with tattoos and very fair skin. Its formula offers very high skin and eye tolerance. With only four sun filters**** and without silicone, its formula is environmentally friendly. Its ocean friendly sun filters have no impact on coral, phytoplankton and zooplankton. Marine biodiversity is therefore respected*****.

A few words from our expert

Suncare suitable for even the most vulnerable skin types and in the most intense sunlight conditions.


Intense Protect 50+ offers ultra-broad UVB UVA Blue Light HEV photoprotection.


• PHOTOPROTECTION: ultra-broad-spectrum. • INVISIBLE for a transparent finish. • ULTRA-RESISTANT to water.• RESISTANT to sweat*******. • FORMULATED to minimise the impact on the environment.*****• VERY HIGH TOLERANCE, gentle formula.