Bundle Deal - CB12 250ml + Sensodyne Pronamel Extra Freshness 75ml + Oral B Complete Toothbrush




Patented formula with clinically proven 12-hour breath neutralising effect.

  • Includes 0.05% sodium fluoride, an ingredient proven to strengthen your enamel with daily use.14, 18 
  • Helps reduce staining particles that cause teeth discoloration and protects against new stains.19
  • CB12 White is scientifically proven to help whiten teeth after two weeks when used twice a day after brushing, CB12 White helps to reduce discoloration of the teeth and protects them from the formation of new stains thanks to its active ingredient.
  • CB12 White is non-abrasive, non-oxidative and because of this does not harm the enamel.
  • Does not contain alcohol.
  • Soft peppermint flavour.

Suggested use: Rinse with 10 ml CB12 White for 30 to 60 sec in the morning and evening to enjoy pleasant breath. For whitening effect rinsing twice daily is needed. CB12 White is recommended for daily use from the age of 12.


Sensodyne Pronamel Extra Freshness 75ml

Product details


    • Dentist recommended
    • Protects teeth from the effects of Acid Wear
    • Re-hardens and strengthens enamel
    • Protects against cavities
    • Keeps mouth feeling fresh and clean
    • Suitable for sensitive teeth

Dentists are increasingly worried that the acids in your everyday diet, such as fruit, frizzy drinks and even wine, can cause Acid Wear. These acids soften your enamel, over time, making it thinner, weaker and discoloured.

Dentist recommend Pronamel toothpaste. It's formulated to protect teeth from the effects of Acid Wear, as it re-hardens and strengthens your enamel every time you brush. It's a daily toothpaste: it cleans and freshen plus helps you to keep your teeth healthy and strong.


How to use

Brush twice a day and no more than three times, minimise swallowing and spit out.

If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Sensitive teeth may indicate an underlying problem that needs prompt care.

If symptoms persist or worsen see your dentist.

Hazards and Cautions

Keep out of reach of children.

Not for use by children under 12 years of age unless on advice of a dental professional or doctor.

Try turning off the tap whilst brushing to save water.


Aqua, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Potassium Nitrate, PEG-6, Aroma, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Saccharin, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Limonene.

Contains: Sodium Fluoride 0.315% w/w (1450 ppm Fluoride) and Potassium Nitrate 5% w/w.


Oral B Complete Toothbrush 

Its extra long bristles at the tip help clean hard to reach places. Plus, its outer angled bristles gently massage and stimulate your gums and help clean along the gumline.

Benefits & Features

  • Medium size head, medium texture.
  • Outer angled bristles to massage, stimulate and clean gum line.
  • New comfort grip


  • Brush your teeth with Oral-B Complete manual toothbrush and toothpaste 3 times a day