CB12 Toohpaste 6 + 6 units free

CB12 Toohpaste 6 + 6 units free

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CB12 TOOTHPASTE – CRYSTAL CLEAN CONFIDENCE. First class breath through its powerful formula. With fluoride – strengthens tooth enamel and prevents cavities. Provides crystal clear cleanliness with its whitening effect.

The powerful formula of CB12 toothpaste fights unpleasant breath and provides effective protection against cavities, thanks to sodium fluoride that strenghtens the tooth enamel. On top of that it gently polishes away surface stains for a whitening effect. A first class combination for your confidence: CB12 toothpaste & CB12 mouthwash. Brush your teeth with CB12 toothpaste twice a day for a long-lasting mint taste. Rinsing with CB12 mouthwash after brushing your teeth ensures first class breath for 12 hours.

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