Aqua Biome Fish Oil Max Strength 120s

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  • A Fish Oil Like No Other An optimal Omega 3 blend to support microbiome diversity and overall gastrointestinal health; Positively impacts energy levels, mood, brain health and more
  • Fuel For The Whole Body Our powerful DHA:EPA:DPA combo provides support for the cardiovascular system, eyes, skin, joints and immune function; 2000 mg total Omega 3s in every serving
  • Ideal Rato of Long-Chain Omega 3s Helps unlock and support your body's vibrant health; Contains the missing enzyme DPA that aids in metabolism and produces its own resolvins
  • Sustanably Sourced From wild-caught Peruvian anchoveta; Friend of the Sea Certified; Burpless formula, easy to swallow and with a hint of lemon; Dairy free; Soy free
  • Highest Purest Purity Targeted Molecular Enrichment Technology provides unmatched removal of lipid peroxides, heavy metals and synthetic fertilizers; Clean Label Project Certified

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