Day Nurse Caps 20 Tablets


Day Nurse Capsules provide day-time relief from dry coughs and other cold and flu symptoms, such as headache, aches and pains, sore throat, a blocked and runny nose and chills. Effective relief that will help you go about your day by relieving symptoms and helping you feel energised.

Day Nurse Liquid and Capsules contain three active ingredients: paracetamol, pseudoephedrine and pholcodine.

Paracetamol relieves mild to moderate fever and pain.

Pseudoephedrine is decongestant and acts on receptors in the walls of blood vessels in the linings of the nose and sinuses. It makes these blood vessels contract, thereby decreasing blood flow. This relieves congestion and reduces mucus.

Pholcodine is a cough suppressant and relieves dry, unproductive coughs. It reduces the signals sent from a part of the brain called the coughing centre to the muscles that produce coughs.

Coughing occurs when our airways become irritated. This is useful for clearing mucus, dust and other particles from the throat and lungs. However, sometimes coughing can become overstimulated even when there is no mucus to clear. Pholcodine can be used to block this cough reflex.

Day Nurse Capsules are a complete, daytime cold treatment, providing relief from major cold and flu symptoms without drowsiness.

Pharmacist Tip

For additional pain and fever relief associated with cold & flu, ibuprofen can be taken in combination with Day Nurse Capsules. Remember to drink water and eat when possible to aid recovery.

Day Nurse Capsules are for day use and help relieve aches, pains and fever without leaving you drowsy. They relieve common symptoms associated with colds and influenza and associated symptoms such as aches and pains, coughing, chills, blocked or runny nose, sore throats and headache. 

For extra relief from pain and fever associated with cold & flu, ibuprofen can be used with Day Nurse capsules. Try to keep hydrated and eat where possible to aid recovery.