De Vielle Electric Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle

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De Vielle Electric Hot Water Bottle - No Water Needed

The Electric Hot Water Bottle is a simple and effective product which provides hours of heat with no risk of scalding from boiling hot water. Simply plug it in wherever you like and wait just 15 minutes for it to reach full temperature. This new generation electric hot water bottle has been made with a double thermostat to ensure it can't overheat.

Safe, convenient, economical and reusable with no risk of scalding!


  • New generation hot water bottle
  • Hand pouch for additional comfort and convenience
  • Can be recharged in only 15 minutes
  • Double thermostat cuts off once the temperature has been reached
  • Stays warm for hours
  • Permanently sealed to ensure no risk of scalding
  • Extremely safe and reusable
  • Colour - GREY