Deep Heat Well Patch 4 Pack

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Deep Heat Well Patch is used for the effective relief of muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness, backache, strains and sprains. Can also be used for relief of menstrual cramps. What are Deep Heat Patches used for? To treat everyday aches and pains such as tired, sore or overstretched muscles. To treat more painful conditions such as rheumatic pain, backache, sciatica, fibrositis and lumbago. Before and after exercise, when necessary and to treat minor sports injuries. How do Deep Heat patches reduce pain? Deep Heat can be used to generate heat in tired, injured or sore muscles. As it is absorbed, your body’s natural enzymes turn its special blend of ingredients into a powerful painkiller. How are heat patches different? A ‘topical’ treatment is one that is applied directly to the part of the body where you feel the discomfort. This is different to painkillers taken by mouth, which dissolve to release their ingredients into the bloodstream and throughout the body. Topical analgesics minimise the risk of side effects by delivering the drug to the area of application. They can also be an effective alternative to oral analgesics, or can be used in conjunction with oral analgesics if necessary. How to use Deep Heat patches: Use on clean, dry skin. Do not use on the face or on broken skin, bruises or swellings. On flexible joints, use dressing tape to hold the patch in place. Do not bandage over the patch. Use only one patch on the same area in 24 hours. Single use only. Do not cut, massage, fold or wet the patch. Do not use if the patch is damaged or torn.

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