Durex Condoms Intense 6 Pack

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Durex intense Orgasmic Condoms What are condoms Durex Intense Orgasmic: The Durex Intense Orgasmic are ultra stimulants through ribs and the projections on the latex and thanks to stimulating gel flavored with mint that gives freshness and warmth sensations. The Durex Intense stimulate the female sexual orgasm throughout sexual rapproto stroking and teasing the vaginal walls. In addition the presence stimulating gel, designed with special formula Desirex, gives a feeling of warmth and freshness tickling and teasing sexual pleasure. Reaching the torque simultaneous orgasm is with Durex Intense Orgasmic, is inimitable explosive experience. The Durex Intense offer a high level of security and protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. We recommend using in combination with Stimulating Gel Intense Orgasmic Durex for an even more intense pleasure. The use of condoms helps to live sex in a responsible way, it helps us to protect us from sexually transmitted diseases, it is crucial in the case of casual relationships and is a valid method of contraception. Dimensions: Nominal width 56 mm. Format: Pack of 6 condoms.

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