NeilMed NasoGel Tube for Dry Noses 28.4g

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NasoGEL® provides moisture to hydrate and lubricate dry and irritated nasal passages caused by dry climate and indoor heat. It helps reduce nasal dryness experienced during air travel, oxygen & CPAP use, as well as dryness symptoms caused by atrophic rhinitis, post radiation therapy and sinus surgery.
NasoGel® Moisturizer helps to alleviate dryness caused by:

• Dry Air
• CPAP machines
• Oxygen therapy
• Sinusitis
• Allergies
• Common Cold


  • Isotonic water soluble saline gel with aloe vera and sodium hyaluronate
  • One Tube 28.4 g (1 oz.)
  • Educational brochure


Using a clean cotton swab applicator or a rubber-gloved finger, apply a small amount of NasoGel® into each nostril every 4 to 6 hours. In case of persistent dryness, you may increase the frequency.


Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place and protect from freezing. Use only as directed. Do not use for mouth dryness.