QU-CHI Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis Acupressure Band

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Simple, natural, clinically proven relief from hayfever and allergic rhinitis.

The Qu-Chi (Koo-Chee) point on the outer elbow has been used for thousands of years by acupuncturists and in traditional Chinese medicine to treat sinus problems, eye complaints, allergies and skin problems. Now, new clinically-proven Qu-Chi Acupressure Bands offer a simple, discreet, drug-free way to alleviate the runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, tiredness, headache and loss of concentration associated with the miseries of hayfever and allergic rhinitis.

The Qu-Chi Acupressure Band can be worn on either arm and is also suitable for children as long as it fits snugly. A big plus is that you can wear the Qu-Chi Acupressure Band in bed to help get a decent night’s sleep. Users have also found the Acupressure Band helpful all year round to relieve perennial rhinitis, dust, pet and and other allergies.

  • Class 1 medical device
  • impressive results at clinical trials
  • fast acting
  • simple to use day or night
  • no drugs, no side effects
  • natural relief
  • latex free
  • washable

One size: adult, older children

Colour: Beige or Black
N.B. Do not wear during pregnancy as the Qu-Chi point has been used to induce labour.