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Savlon Blister Plasters 5 Pack

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Product Description

Reduces pain Kills germs Promotes faster healing Protects and helps prevent infection Effective comfortable & flexible, providing a bacteria & waterproof barrier Gentle hypoallergenic & latex free Suitable for all the family Blister Plasters Plasters to help heal your blister as quickly as possible, and also help prevent blisters from forming. Each plaster contains a hydrocolloid island, specially designed to absorb excess fluid and cushion the blister from continued painful contact It can stop the formation of a blister if used on areas known to easily blister By maintaining a moist environment, the plasters provide optimum conditions for healing.


Directions for use: Wash hands before and after dressing the blister. Clean blister with antiseptic liquid, antiseptic wound wash or water. Gently dry. To apply the plaster: Peel off the large release liner flap. Apply centrally over the affected area. Peel off the small release liner flap and smooth over the surrounding skin. Press firmly at the edges. To remove the plaster: Lift up the edge of the plaster farthest away and stretch it towards you. Further information: If the blister becomes swollen, reddened or painful, or doesn't start to heal within 7 days seek medical advice. Re-use of the product increases the risk of infection. Use Only Once

Safety Warning

Do not use if seal is broken.

Box Contains

5 x Savlon Blister Plasters

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