Ultra Powder Wernets 40g by Wernets

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Ultra Powder Wernets (FKA Poligrip Denture Fixative Powder Ultra Wernets) gives a longer lasting and stronger hold providing you with control and confidence.  This superior formula also helps prevent irritating food particles from getting under your plate.

How to use

Directions For Use:

Clean dentures thoroughly.  Rinse well.  While dentures are still moist, tip dispenser at a slight angle and sprinkle powder lightly and evenly onto the plate.  Insert denture into mouth and press firmly into place for several seconds.  Wait for several minutes before eating or drinking.

Dentures can be easily removed when required.  To remove any remaining fixative from the denture, wipe off with a cloth and then brush with warm water.


Available at all Medipharm Pharmacies and Medipharm Online.

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