Vichy IDEAL SOLEIL AFTER-SUN Oil Spray 200ml


Vichy Ideal Soleil After Sun Oil
Vichy Ideal Soleil After Sun Oil hydrates and soothes skin that has been in the sun. Containing shea oil and a variety of vegetable oils such as apricot kernel, coriander seed, blackcurrant seed and echium which are all rich in fatty acids. The skin is softened and feels nourished for up to 48 hours. A double usage after sun, to use on wet or dry skin, which soothes the feel of skin, refreshes and hydrates skin after sun exposure. Easy and quick to apply, quickly absorbed by the skin and a nourishing effect for up to 48hours.

Dry Skin: Apply product directly onto skin.

Wet Skin: Apply in the shower, wash with normal shower gel.