Anusol HC Suppositories 12 Pack



Anusol Plus HC SuppositoriesAnusol Plus HC Suppositories offer all the benefits of Anusol Suppositories, with the addition of hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and swelling, providing rapid relief from internal piles.Anusol Suppositories offer effective soothing relief from the discomfort and pain associated with internal piles, anal itching and fissures (where your skin is split or cracked). The formula is designed to reduce swelling and soothe itching whilst protecting delicate skin. Anusol Suppositories deliver a measured dose in your back passage.The special shape ensures you get a full dose of medication right where you need it.

Ingredients: The active ingredients are Hydrocortisone Acetate (10mg), Bismuth Subgallate (59mg), Bismuth Oxide (24mg), Balsam Peru (49mg), Benzyl Benzoate (33mg) and Zinc Oxide (296mg). The other ingredients are Hard Fat (Suppocire BS2) and Light Kaolin.DirectionsAdults and elderly: insert 1 suppository into the anus at night, in the morning and after each evacuation. Children: not recommended.

Medicine Terms

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