Caldesun - Kids Sun Spray SPF50 - 200ml

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Protect your kids from the harmful rays of the sun with this high protection sun spray. Provides protection instantly after application, and is also water resistant so you can rest assured they are protected at home, while out, or even at the beach! Caldesun has UV-A/UV-B protection. Caldesun also contains an IR-A protective complex – the short-wave, non-heat producing component of infrared light, known as infrared A (IR-A), a major component of sunlight, can also cause skin damage. This damage is brought about via pathogenic mechanisms completely different to those responsible for the damage caused by UV light and it also affects deeper skin layers. Certain antioxidants have proved useful in protecting the skin against IR-A radiation and are now included in an IR-A protective complex contained in Caldesun.

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