Skingredients Cleanse Off Mitt

The multi-award-winning Cleanse Off Mitt is a reusable pre-cleansing mitt that works to remove makeup, oil, and debris with just water. Created as a more eco-friendly and skin-friendly alternative to face wipes, the gentle material means that even the most sensitive skins will love it, and it is fantastic for removing your cleanser and face masks too. Created for all hoomans®, all genders, all ages, and all skins, the Cleanse Off Mitt uses microfibre loops that are up to 100 times thinner than a hooman® hair. When you add water to the microfibre material, it works to gently break the surface tension between oil and makeup and your skin to lift off even waterproof eye makeup. Rock star ingredients: - Microfibre: when water is added,
it removes the majority of your makeup. Who it's for: - All hoomans®- All skins- All ages Nerdie tip: Use the Cleanse Off Mitt™ as an in-shower cleansing tool on your body too! Can be used on babies. We recommend having multiple Cleanse Off Mitts™ on the go at the same time.

1. Wet the Cleanse Off Mitt™ with lukewarm water, wring it out and glide it across the face and eyes in circular motions.
2. Follow with your cleanser of choice.
3. Use the other side of the Cleanse Off Mitt™ to remove your cleanser, or even use it to massage your cleanser in. How to clean:  Hand wash the Cleanse Off Mitt™ with antibacterial soap directly after use, rinse it good and hang it to dry by its handy loop. Once a week, turn your COM™ inside out and pop it in your washing machine, at 30C or lower.