Desenex Athletes Foot Ointment 30g Zinc Undecylenate 20% w/w Undecylenic Acid 5% w/w

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Use the ointment firstly to soothe and then use the powder to kill athletes’ foot fungi and to prevent reinfection

Ointment contains zinc undecylenate 20% w/w and undecylenic acid 5.0% w/w.

Powder contains zinc undecylenate, 20% w/w and undecylenic acid w/w.

Use twice daily; wash and dry the infected area, apply small strip of ointment and rub gently between toes and on feet. Continue for two weeks after symptoms disappear.

Desenex is the athletes foot fungi solution treatment – use the ointment first and then powder with the ointment to help stop reinfection.