Face Mask High-Efficiency Disposable Pack of 50

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With a worldwide outbreak of the Corona-virus, face masks are an aid to avoid further spread of infection. Masks are created in a sterile environment. These masks offer efficient filtration.

The face mask offers the user long-wearing comfort for use throughout your day. These masks are designed to protect you from human contamination in your surrounding environments.

Contamination from the mouth area can spread deadly diseases and infections quickly; wearing a face mask can reduce the contact with these fluids and ensure you stay protected.

Face masks should be worn in accordance with regular hand washing and sanitising for an efficient form of protection to be achieved. 

Product specifications

Size : 175mm x 95mm

50 Units

Material: Polypropylene

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency bef>=95%
  • PP flexible strip can be adjusted and fixed according to nose shape

Brands may vary.