Kelkin Aromatherapy Lavender Oil 10ml


Like all essential oils, the oil of the lavender plant is carefully extracted by steam distillation, which is the process of injecting steam into the plant’s roots, stems, flowers, leaves or bark, releasing the aromatic properties as a vapour. Once distilled, only the essential lavender oil remains.

There are a variety of ways to use lavender oils:

  • Lavender oil in your bath can take your bathing to a whole new level of relaxation. 
  • Lavender oil for massage makes an already relaxing activity even more so. 
  • Lavender oil on your pillow can help you get ready for a good night’s sleep and ensure that your slumber is nice and tranquil the whole night through.
  • Lavender oil in an aroma diffuser or oil burner can create a serene atmosphere in the home, filling the air with lavender oil vapour. 
  • Lavender oil for the skin can help soothe acne symptoms as it moisturises skin while acting as an antibacterial substance, helping to unclog pores.