Lemsip - Max Strength Blackcurrant - 5s


Lemsip Max Cold & Flu blackcurrant flavour provides relief from fever, headache, sore throat and body aches and pains.

This packet contains five Blackcurrant flavoured Lemsip sachets.

How to take

  • Pour one sachet of powder into a mug and fill with hot, but not boiling, water.
  • Stir until dissolved.
  •  If preferred, sweeten to taste with sugar, honey or your usual sweetener.

Ingredients (Each sachet contains)

Paracetamol 1000mg,Sucrose (pulverized), Sucrose (caster), Citric acid anhydrous, Sodium citrate, Blackcurrant flavour, Aspartame (E951), Saccharin sodium, Ascorbic acid, Enocyanine

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