Old Spice For The Legend Captain Gift Set

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Captain Shower Gel & Shampoo Shampoo & Shower Gel 2 in 1

The men's gel Gel Old Spice cleanses the skin and removes any bad odor. Put a small amount on your hand, lather and cleanse your body and hair.

When you do not tame the waves, you will tame the emotions in all places and you will fill them with the fresh aroma of sandalwood and the open ocean.

Captain Deodorant Stick Deodorant Stick

Apply to your armpits for long-lasting protection. With your effortless ambition, the world is at your feet and Old Spice Captain gives you every opportunity with a sweet and friendly aroma that recognizes no limits and no "musts".

The old deodorant Old Spice fights even the heaviest odor with a wonderful fragrance. Perfume technology that lasts and allows you to enjoy your perfume as much as others around you over and over again.