Sanctuary Spa Beauty Bedtime Heroes

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  • This sleep gift box from Sanctuary Spa includes a Sleep Mist and a de-stressing intense warming treatment balm that helps you to fall asleep faster and eases your body and mind
  • Sleep Mist Face and Pillow Spray - Spritz lightly 30cm away from skin or bedding and enjoy the relaxing, patented sleep enhancing fragrance
  • Spritz sleep mist over body, face and pillow to help you fall asleep faster and for longer
  • De-stress and relax with the powerful self-heating balm to help ease body and mind
  • Warming Balm Caution: ON FIRST APPLICATION, DO A PATCH TEST AND THEN ALWAYS APPLY SPARINGLY ON A SMALL SURFACE AREA. Apply a small amount to tension areas such as the back of your neck, shoulders or legs. It is very important that you wait to feel the warming sensation to see how much it heats on your skin before applying a further small amount if you desire a stronger effect. Wash hands thoroughly after every application. Apply before going to bed and let it do it's magic. WARNING: DO NOT APPLY AFTER A HOT SHOWER.