Scholl Light Legs Tights

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Your legs never knew they could feel so great with opaque 60 denier tights that look & feel fantastic.

  • Fibre Firm technology provides gradual compression from the ankle all the way up the leg
  • Breathable tights
  • Helps boost circulation and gives you perfectly shaped legs
  • Last up to 100 washes without losing shape and colour
  • 60 Denier - Black

How it works

  • New Fibre Firm technology in our compression tights boosts
    blood circulation. The better the flow in the legs, the better
    the flow of the day – simple as that.
  • With a light contraction effect it maintains the steady flow of body
    fluids (venous blood) from the ankle back up through the thigh to
    the heart, helping avoid fluid (venous blood) accumulation in the
    legs and feet.