Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh 75ml

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Why use Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh?

Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh contains patented NovaMin® technology, which seeks out and forms a tooth-like layer over vulnerable areas of the tooth where dentine is exposed whilst leaving your breath feeling fresh. Use twice a day, every day, to give stronger repair* protect your teeth from sensitivity.

*Vs. Previous formulation. Forms a protective layer over the sensitive areas of the teeth

What is tooth sensitivity?
Sensitivity occurs when the dentine underneath tooth enamel becomes exposed. When exposed dentine comes into contact with hot or cold, sweet, sour or even your toothbrush it can trigger the nerve, causing a short sharp pain.

How does new Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh work?
New Sensodyne Repair & Protect Extra Fresh with Novamin is different from other toothpastes. It has unique, clinically proven concentrated calcium formula that helps repair vulnerable areas with the natural building blocks of your teeth, whilst its Extra Fresh flavour leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Novamin formula releases the building blocks of teeth: calcium and phosphate. These ions form a protective mineral layer to repair the vulnerable areas of the tooth.

Suitable for

Adults and children 12 years and above

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