Spotlight Teeth White 14 Strips

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Contains 14 strips.

Developed by Irish Dentists, Spotlight teeth whitening strips are an easy to use at home teeth whitening system. Spotlight strips were developed with hydrogen peroxide, making them the only Teeth Whitening system in Europe to do so and an effective way to brighten your smile. 

Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective active agent available to whiten teeth. Tooth colour is influenced by a combination of both the internal colour of our teeth and external staining that attaches to our teeth such as tea, coffee and red wine.

Hydrogen peroxide works on the teeth in two ways

  • by breaking down these complex stains
  • by penetrating the top layer of the enamel which brightens the colour of this top layer of enamel.

How to use:

  • Dry your teeth using a tissue or clean towel
  • Place the whitening strip on the lower teeth first and then onto the top teeth
  • Leave the strips in place for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • After, remove the strips and rinse away any gel that is left on the teeth
  • Repeat every day for 2 weeks